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the national museum of mexican art (National Museum of Mexican Art ; formerly known as the Central Museum of Mexican Fine Arts) is a museum located in the Mexican district of Pilsen at Chicagoin L’Illinois. It features art Mexican, latin and information about Chicano culture (Mexican-Americans). The museum is considered the largest Latino cultural institution in the United States[1].


The museum was founded in 1982 by Carlos Tortolero and a group of teachers from the public sector. The current building located at harrison park opened the under the name of Mexican Fine Arts Center and was inaugurated by the mayor of the city Harold Washington[2]. The building was a former boat repair shed[1].

In 2001, the museum tripled in size to accommodate vaults for storage and additional galleries to display the collections. In 2006, the museum changed its name and became the National Museum of Mexican Art[1].

In June 2021, the billionaire MacKenzie Scott donates $8 million to the museum, the largest donation in the museum’s history[3]. A year earlier, the ford foundation donated $3.5 million to the museum[4]. The museum was closed to the public from March 2020 to July 2021 following the health crisis[5].


The permanent collection of the National Museum of Mexican Art contains more than 6,000 objects, and is one of the largest collections of Mexican art in the nation. The NMMA is the only Latin museum accredited by the American Museum Association and is one of the only museums of color in the country to have received accreditation. It became the main repository for Mexican art in the nation. The mission of the museum is to show Mexican culture as a sin will front (without limits).

Visiting the museum is free[1].


The museum has a permanent collection objects on Mexican history and information on the work of Mexican artists. The permanent exhibition includes “Mexicanidad: Our Past and Our Present” which explores the history of Mexico in five stages:

  • Pre-Cuauhtemoc
  • Colonial Mexico
  • Mexico: From Independence to Revolution
  • The Post-Mexican Revolution to Current Mexico
  • The Mexican experience of the United States.

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